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The MINERVA Center for Bio-hybrid Complex Systems was established at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) in January 2012. The center is directed by Professor Itamar Willner (Institute of Chemistry, HUJI) who is assisted by Professor Rachel Nechushtai, co‐director (Institute of Life Sciences, HUJI). The Center’s team is based on a cadre of Hebrew University scientists from four different Institutes: Institute of Chemistry: Prof. Assaf Friedler, Prof. Danny Porath and Prof Willner; Life Science Institute: Prof. Shimshon Belkin, Prof. Oded Livnah and Prof. Rachel Nechushtai; Physics Institute: Dr. Ady Vaknin; Institute of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture: Prof. Oded Shoseyov. The HUJI team is complemented by the active co‐participation of scientists from three other academic institutions in Israel as follows: Technion Israel Institute of Technology – Prof. Gadi Schuster, Deputy Executive President for Academic Affairs; Tel Aviv University (TAU), Department of Electrical Engineering ‐ Prof. Yosi Sacham and Ben Gurion University (BGU), Chemistry Department ‐ Prof. Ashraf Brik. The figure below presents schematically the structure and the scientific disciplines that constitute our MINERVA Center:


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Prof. Rachel Nechushtai
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